Sunday, January 13, 2013

coco's dance recital

Coco started dance back in the fall- she is still very little but I believe she needed something like this to help her wait her turn in line follow instructions form someone besides me.. she's kindve a mommies girl. ANyways I was very excited about there little recital .. its nothing huge because the girls are only 2.. but they show what they've worked on all year...princess toes..naughty toes is my favorite.. This is near and dear to my heart because I used to teach dance.. and I love the preschool age the best.. They are so sweet. And I miss my old job. It was a joy to see my daughter fall in love with something that I also love. She's always twirling tapping her toes and spinning. Debbie and aunt crystal came to watch her recital- thank heavens it was nice for someone to take pics while I just watched her...and they recorded it for Brandon who was at work and couldn't get off
 .. ohhh her funnyness...shes enamored by this little girls sparkly necklace and keeps wanting to touch it ..she's also the one that shouts out yellow all the time...

video of her recital.......

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