Sunday, October 26, 2008

H is for...

chllin with mom and brother at the farmers market we picked out mini pumpkins

i love big boy food mmmmmm!

asleep on grandmas bed

I love my little hd baby. right now he has quite the personality. He is stubborn and has become very vocal. he likes to make the th sound with his mouth. He has two bottom teeth and kicks like a world soccer player. We love when he wakes up because his eyes only open half way and hes comotose for about 15 minutes its so funny. We can hear hes awake in the morning because he kicks the cri so hard . It makes Brandon and I laugh. He likes sleeping on his stomach and his favorite toy right now is the star on his excosaucer. He chews that thing to death- and his new little cellphone that makes sounds like grandpas phone. He has huge brown eyes and a gummy smile besides his two teeth he loves being thrown in the air and playig one two three jump back and forth to brandon and I. He's slowly starting to cuddle less and less. I'm missing him being my little baby cuddler. Ohand Harrison loves big boy food he opens his mouth and we can't get it on fast enough.( sorry the top picture we were both a little caught by suprise)

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