Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bikini Bootcamp again...

I've found myself so sore this week- but am so happy that I am- because I know it is working. I've lost almost 10 pounds! I have more energy and since I'm not eating sugar- I feel like I'm not hungry as much- I know that sounds weird- but I feel so invigorated- tired and sore but invigorated - like I'm changing my life little by little each day- I've never been this motivated before- the lady's at bott camp are so fun- we get so slap happy- and I don't think Id work as hard if it werent for these women. We did a workout last week that was brutal basically 500 reps of pushups situps lunges squats and then we ran our little hearts out. It truly makes my heart smile knowing I'm finally getting back to normal. I"m starting to feel great about me again. I love that botcamp is outside- it's so nice to be outside. I never would've exercised outside in the middle of winter ever! I'm glad it's made me think differently about exercise and eating the right way at the right times. I'm excited to get healthy. And can't wait to shop for a swimsuit!


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