Friday, November 14, 2008

R is for...

Rexburg and Ring
I know it's probabally against the rules but i have 2 r's to blog about. The first is my wedding ring. When We got engaged brandon got me my dream ring an emerald cut solitaire with a wide tension setting. I didnt want a band. I love my ring and every time I look at it it reminds me of brandon so nervous asking me to marry him in front of the castle in disneyland- One of the best moments of my life. well when I got pregnant with out twins- I'd go to work and everyone would ask me when i was getting married-after the babies came ect ect- I laughed at it but it kind've bothered me a little- I told Brandon about what people had been saying to me- just wanting to talk about it. On a trip down to Utah we stopped in Idaho Falls to get my ring cleaned from the jeweler Brandon ordered my ring from-(side note he ordered it from canada and shipped it to California so I wouldn't find it in our baggage- he never saw my ring till the day before he asked me)- So we go into the jewelers and Brandon leans into me and says lets buy you a band- WHAT! REALLY- as squeals of excitment come from every pore of my body. I couldn't believe- that he's listened so close to something that bothered me and wanted to make me smile. He was so sweet and excited for me- It was fun like looking at rings before you get engaged- Brandon and I never did this- he suprised me. So now I have a band with my wedding ring- it's paper thin and goes along with my tension setting band- I adore it and it was so fun to have a sparkly new ring. i like things that sparkle. So thank you Babe. It was very fun for me! I felt very loved.

The second r is for Rexburg Idaho. This place is like nowhere in the world. It's somewhere that I was the happiest I'd ever been in my whole life. It was almost a new beginning for me. leaving everyone I knew and going to school. Starting over- no longer would I be known as the sad girl who had 2 sisters die. It made me a stronger person and my family stronger- but I felt like I was looked at differently. When I went to Rexburg I came alive. I made lifelong friends. Laughed harder than I ever have in my whole life. Tried new crazy things and just found out who I was. It was a breath of fresh air. Burning couches on sand dunes- dam sliding,throwing mattresses out the window and sleeping outside-practical jokes stadium singing - my amazing classes and the spirit I felt there were all incredible moments in my life. I hope that everyone gets to experience something like rexburg once in there lives. It's true what people say when you walk around campus there you feel -the spirit of ricks your friends with everyone. I miss my BYUI friends so much and am so greatful that I decided to stay there for school instead of going to BYU( I was accepted and ready to go for fall- my mom told me to break into school by going to idaho for a semester). I'm sure it would've been fun too- But I'd never trade the experiences I had. I miss broulims the grocery store- Going to the snow shack- and plasma center with cori- playing intumural soccer- going to denny's at 2 am with sachin- buying grocery's with melissa, watching friendsand giggling till 3 am with emm,throwing fruit loops at drew,playing halo with bryan-singing disney songs to the efy kids from our car with trev,listening to Matt's music, watching Rob play volleyball, and spending nights under the stars with Brandon. There are amazing stars in the burg.Craigo's dessert Pizza. 5th of july fireworks,Brent and risk- Going to maverick for hot coco with rach and laura- Dressing up and Dancing with Anna,Picking up road kill with Jewels and Kim. Swapping clothes and singing in the shower competitions with Tric-Playing cards with Brooke-Talking with Jenna Dressing up like rockstars- How the taylor building lit up at night-Sonic vanilla coke- carving my name in the bricks of the spori with my comm class-tap dancing for school credit-learning about the gospel and growing my own testimony. I love and adore this place and somedays I just wish I could go back. It was a simpler time with a lot of happiness and Joy. Maybe my boys will get to go someday. I hope so!



  1. Bree you made me all nostalgic now! It's true, BYUI is just something special ... It's so easy to just remember like, every fun little thing that you ever did there. I remember us as roomies like it was yesterday (I loved how your side of the room was all decorated and cute!). Ah, good times. Miss you!

  2. Oh, I want to cry! I have been thinking along the same lines as of late--and I am still here! I graduate in 25 days (yeah I am counting) andI am getting a little sad to leave! You are awesome and I miss you!