Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help! Ideas please....

So we bought about 300 presents last night and have to go get more tonight- crazy I know I'm going to take a picture of all of them spread out over my floor. Seriously the primary in our ward is huge!!!- But I have a question and need help- I'm lost on what to get the senior primary boys-7-12 and the nursery kids! What would they want for christmas? That is under 5 dollars. HELP!
So far we have tutus wands and boas for jr primary girls
matchbox cars playdough nerf guns for jr boys



  1. nursery age girls would love dress up jewelry tiaras, tu tu's that sort of thing. The boys are mighty destructive at that age. Sports related items maybe? oh, and Nursery age boys - trains, cars, planes, anything that makes a noise (Ethan my 18 month old is infatuated with a whoopie cushion that came in a gift bag - come to think of it the older boys would love gross things like that as well.

  2. I know the 7-9 boys like trading cards like pokemon or bakugan, and figurines. I think the actual bakugan toys are on sale this week at Walmart

  3. Nursery kids (both boys and girls) would appreciate play dough; books are also good (the kind that are a bit more sturdy, if you know what I mean), simple puzzles, large soft balls and cuddly animals all fall under the 18 mo. to 3 yrs category (and hopefully you won't have to through the trouble of getting separate toys for the boys and girls that way). For the 7-9 year old boys, Legos. Cheaper and a classic. If not that, then nonfiction books about stuff like dinosaurs, space, science, scout stuff, etc.

  4. Sorry I forgot about the 10-12 age group. For them, a rubik's cube or other card games. Some kids at that age still like Legos (actually, adults do, too, so Legos might also be a safe bet all around). Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck!