Wednesday, November 26, 2008

U is for...

US HOLIDAYS! So i'm very greatful that Brandon has a job that lets him have American Holidays off. Because the stock market is traded on US time Brandon gets Us holidays instead of Canadian. Which works great for us because we get to celebrate US holidays even though were in Canada. unfortuantly it's also bid week on a lot of these holidays. Bid week is the week all the traders have to get there deals done- so the last three days of the month and first three-they have to be in the office! Sometimes it's just so annoying. And November is when all the year deals are due so Brandon is a slave to shell that week. So I've been stressed the last few days 7- 7 with the boys is a little overwhelming. I'm excited for the weekend and Brandon all to myself! Poor guy he says his brain is fried. Sometimes it's just nice to not have the norm all the time mix it up a little- Thank heavens a vacation is coming soon!


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