Friday, November 28, 2008


so I wake up at 3 am itching so bad and i go into the bathroom and hives are all over me! I have no idea where they came from and I'm so mad because brandon and I were going to take the boys to edmonton today but I just feel so cruddy we arnt going. I looked up hives and its usually an allergic reaction to food- but i ate normal yesterday- so i'm perplexed- it also said vigorous exercise or elsti can make it happen-and yesterday i sprinted for almost 2 hours- it was brutal- I wonder if it just stressed my body out. Anywyas I'm drugged on benadryl and am wishing all the red grossness will go away soon!



  1. Oh I'm sorry friend! I get mini hives every time I go running all over my skin. Its not bad enough that I have to get benadryl but it lasts about an hour. Good luck!

  2. s. Parvo virus (slap cheek) is going around and I have that - a horrible itchy rash all over my body - the plus the Dr. said the rash could last a month - but I am not contagious once I have the rash. I can hardly sleep I am so itchy, and tomorrow will be week 1 coming to an end.

  3. I found out that I am allergic to penecilin (I probably spelled that wrong) anyway I found out a week before Ethan was born and I broke out in hives for a day before I even realized it was hives and the only thing that made it stop itching so bad that I felt I had to rip my skin off was an oatmeal bath (gross to clean up and sit it)and the benadryl. I've had penecilin before that's the first time I had a reaction though.