Monday, November 3, 2008

O is for....

One Hundred
My 100th Post...

clap clap clap clap
I'm so excited I've stuck with my blog!
Thanks to Melissa for the idea...
100 things you maybe might not have known about me....

100. I can't stand to drink water

99. My biggest pet peeve is christmas lights up on peoples houses after mid january.

98. I'm a visual buyer. I have to see it on something or displayed in a way to buy it. If it's in a pile of crap -thats way to much effort to dig.

97. I love Diy projects.

96. I get great satisfaction out of turning old things into new things.

95. If I was not married at this moment I would love to be going to school in New york

94. My dream job really is to have my own event company.

93. I've changed my major 4 times. Theatre-iterior design-graphic design- business

92. I love big Cities

91. I love cobblestone pathways

90. I can't stand cinnamon gum or candy but I like the spice.

89. My favorite color is red

88. My least favorite color is blue- ironic my blog is red and blue

87. I made up my own handwriting and practicied it every chance I got- I wanted to have my own distint font and my third grade teacher told me my handwriting was bad!

86. I've never had a calling outside of Young Womens

85. My husband has the calling I would adore!!!!!! activities committee

84. I save ribbon from packages to turn into other things

83. I love kettle corn better than regular popcorn- I have a huge sweet tooth

82. I love bold patterns including damask and animal print.

81. If I were stranded on an island and could only eat one thing it would be soup or mac n cheese with ketchup mmmmmm

80. I love to bake- in fact I would love to have a colored stove and fridge those vintage cute ones!

79. The most romantic week of my life I spent with brandon in paris- hearing him speak french for a week was pure bliss

78. I hated being pregnant

77. I was so scared about being a mom- I was very aprehensive and nervous

76. I love being a mom now- it brings me great joy

75. I hate light colored wood- that was the main thing I wanted in my house no light colored wood- and my house has none- its all stained or painted black

74. I love grouping things by color- I always wanted to name crayons or sort ties at a department store

73. I've always wanted to take baloons fill them with paint throw darts at them and have the paint land on a canvas- how fun- anyone want to do it with me!

72. I'm picky about church art in my house- I know i'm weird- but I've come to the conclusion that everyone is weird-some wise person told me this and it's really had an impact on me

71. I dont like lotion unless im overly dry - it feels like goo on me

70. I don't like stuffed animals-excluding 1- brandon bought me a minnie mouse when we were dating it still makes me smile- my poor kids there never going to have stuffed animals

69. I still have the box my engagment ring was in- I keep it in a special spot.

68. I'm a dejunker- If i can't use it or make it worthwhile or ive had it for a year and havnt used it its gone- im a minimalism fan- can't stand clutter- especially when its chotchskys that arnt the right season

67. double rainbows are special to my family- after my sisters passed away there were double rainbows both times. and we've seen them on there birthdays.

66. I type weird- I took typing classes- but alas I had to do it my own way

65. I love all green veggies- except beans

64. I think im naturally attracted to polka dots- they suck me in!

63. I grew up away from my cousins and wish I knew them better

62. I can't whistle

61. Both of my little toes are weird because as a child I'd walk on my tip toes

60. Snakes scare me to death

59. I didnt decide on my boys names until I looked at them.

58. I get anxious when I'm late- I hate to be late

57. I like having alone time- I've always needed time to myself to reflect and be creative

56. The first time I saw Brandon I knew I was going to marry him. It was just a weird warm feeling. crazy huh!

55. I love company's that have the name of a fruit in it- for example bananna republic shabby apple peachy keen

54. I Love learning how to put on makeup I'm a huge Mac Fan.

53. I would love to learn more about graphic design

52. I've never dyed my hair

51. I used to tan for half an hour in tanning booths- not anymore

50. I love lush green places- especially the jungle cruise in disneyland- and the swiss family robinson house.

49. I love Indian/Pakistans- culture- it intrigues me and I think the people are beautiful

48. I used to take private ballroom dance lessons

47. I took singing lessons for most of my childhood and did community theatre- lots of musicals

46. I sleep with my fan! white noise equals bliss

45. I have 4 sisters my dad used to call us his harem ha ha

44. I love garage sales and markets and fairs

43. I have this new thing with prints of birds and trees

42. I'd love to learn how to reupholster furniture

41. the feeling of chalk makes me gag- I used to tell the teacher so I wouldnt have to go touch it- thank heavens they started using white boards!

40. I love halloween so much and carving pumpkins- it gets you feeling like a kid again

39. I love getting my toes painted with cute little designs- i look down at them and they always make me happy.

38. I love getting text messages from brandon randomly throughout the day that say i love you.

37. I love getting ready for dates with my hubby it makes me feel giddy

36. I love listening to peoples accents

35. I almost got married in the Hawaii temple

34. I love fake eyelashes

33. Any time I get the chance to dress up I'm there!

32. I wore high heels all throughout my pregnancy

31. one time I had to do this modern dance and hold myslef in a backbend for 5 minutes- brutal

30. If I had to change my name I'd be a Zoe

35. I love to travel -but I hate flying

34. during my pregnancy I craved ice!

33. I don't like socks

32. I've burned a couch for fun

31. I've gone around to apartments with a large pole and a mask attatched to it shot a pellet gun to the window- people would look out see the mask and scream-sooooo funny- the things you come up with when you are bored

30. I've gotten 1 speeding ticket and 3 parking tickets oops :)

29. I love love love to drive my car! especially with the music on really loud- you know cause you feel cool like people are listening to the song your listening too and think your cool- see i'm weird!

28. my mom is a huge inspiration to me

27. my dad can do anything- seriously hes the handiest man I've ever seen

26. I got a d in one of my math classes in college- I know I know- I blame it on being engaged at the time- but the truth is I really dislike nything to do with math- Imaginary numbers - I mean come on!

25. I have a personal accountant ;)

24. My In laws are some of the funnest people I've ever met.

23. Tulips and really exotic flowers are my favorite- if you ever give me flowers - pick out the weirdest thing and ill love it!

22. My grandpa Farnes is my hero

21. I'd love to start a group with a bunch of women where someone teaches us a new skill every week- something they are really good at.
20. I have an outie belly button

19. I love touching leather

18. I can apply to be a canadian citizen in 2 years

17. Cold sheets make me happy

16. I love the series Back to the Future

15. I love to eat cookie dough and not the cookies

14. I love planting flowers and the spring time season especially blossoming cherry trees

13. I'd love to see the northern lights

12. When I was little I had this thing with polished rocks and had a rock colleection

11. Im most happy when brandon is making me laugh

10. The office makes me so happy!

9. I love family gatherings and reunions

8. I think the 80's were awesome

7. I love to cuddle my brandon and his special hugs- hes my puzzle piece

6. Orange tic tacs rock-also vitamin c capsules mmmmm
5. I love to play board games!

4. I love hot baths better than showers

3. I'm really craving waffles right now yeah the micky mouse ones joel makes

2. Is me and Brandons lucky number- we both were born on a day with a 2 march 20th and may 22nd-and on our second anniversary we found out we were having twins!

1. I love good crative funcky photography

So there you go one hundred things you might not have known about me- hopefully you know me better now !


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