Sunday, November 2, 2008

santa's elf!!!!! Bliss Style

Alright people....I have a really crazy fun idea!!!!

Who wants to make some new friends and shop for another woman to make there day. You always get the best stuff from other women! I got the idea off of someones blog but on my way to my blog lost their link so thanks for the idea- if you know who it is let me know and i'll put you on here.

Ok so this is how The Annual Blissful Santa's Elf is going down.

Fill out the q and a and send me an e-mail with your address and the q and a
2nd-I'll then send you someone elses info

The limit for spending is 10 to 15 dollars not including shipping. I only want people that are serious about this. It would make me so sad if someone didn't get there piece of bliss.

3d- You send your gift and wait with much anticipation! And then... you get your gift! and blog and blog about it's amazingness and how freakin fun this is! { If This is a sucess I might start a valentines one -easter ect ect....This will make all of you who have wanted to start a blog do it! Catch the wonderfulness that blogging is. Who dosn't love mail! I'm so excited can you tell?}

Other Info-

Do not tell the person you have that the gift is from you! That ruins the fun people! Get as creative as you want with packaging and who the sender was.... the reason I want your blog address once again is so you can blog about your gift and so your secret elf can get to know a little bit about you- see what you like.....

So who wants to have some fun! The cut off date for joining secret santa is november 15th. I will then inform you about who you have. You will need to send your package The first week of December. I know a lot of readers are from Canada and The us. Ill try and match you up country to country- unless you want someone from a different country! COOL EH! I would love if we had a whole bunch of people do this so feel free to talk about it in your blog and send anyone who wants to do it too to my blog! also- I'm aware lots of you don't have a blog - if you'd still like to do this e-mail me and ill just match you with another person that dosn't have a blog.

Want in....
e-mail me @
Q and A
What’s your name?
What's your address?
Name three words that describe your style?
What are 3 things that really make you happy?
How old are you?
What’s your blog address?
What is something you‘ve been wanting for Christmas but nobody knows about?
What is your favourite part about Christmas?
Tell us something that would help someone to get to know you better? An interesting tidbit if you will…
Whats your favorite candy?
What’s your favorite color?Have a blissful day!



  1. bree! What a fun Idea! I'm totally in!

  2. me, me, me!!! i don't care wether its from this country or not- Bree, How are you going to play?! I think you need some bliss too...