Wednesday, November 19, 2008

S is for...

STRESSED! Ok I'm like the busiest woman in the world this week! And I had major Drama today- So i went to cut my table runners out of the damask wallpaper I ordered and the lady only gave my one bolt i ordered two and because it come two rolls to a bolt she confused them- sooo I'm freaking! what in the world am I going to do for linens!!! The event is on Friday- so I call up the wallpaper company and they are based out of montreal and there is no overnight shipping in canada! So Theres no way I can get more wallpaper- At this point I'm ready to scream- STUPID HOME DEPOT WOMAN YOU ARE MESSING UP MY LIFE! So I look up every rental place in calgary- and they either don't have what I want or it's based in edmonton and they order from there. Finally I'm about ready to go to Chintz and Co. to buy fabric and make them myself and I look at great events- they don't have runners but they have overlays- so I decide to go look at them and they work perfect- so after 8 hours of frustartion being on hold and crying I finally got my linens- home depot is rufunding me- but I still think they should give me a coupon or something for causing me great grief! Anyways so i feel lots better now- I went to the packaging store and bought bags for the candy bar- so all I have left to do is buy ribbon to go around napkins and the candy for the candy bar - I'm exhausted- And on saturday I'm doing a craft fair at Auburn house from 10-2- Im selling vinyl lettring boards- I'm packaging them with cellophane to make them look pretty and be more noticiable as a gift- I also made wood vinyl blocks tiles ect.. And baby ribbons/bows. I still need to add painted clothes pins on some to add pictures and to hang stuff from the boards but I'm almost done! So hopefully it goes well- I have another craft fair on the 29th at midsun community centre. Needless to say I'm crazy busy and my living room is a mess! I need an office/craft room bad! I bought some new things for my urns decorated my porch and put up my tree. I decided on gold chocolate amber and bronze this year- I just took all the red accents out front my room and added gold and brown. I filled up a jar with ornaments for my coffee table and put ribbon around my front hall candles! I have this diffuser I bought from shoppers drugmart brand name is called method-it's making my house smell awesome and its so potent I love it! so there you go my crazy crazy day!


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  1. YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!! Sounds like your life is crazy right now. Good luck with everything!