Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I just copied this off of our mod blog- it's a post by Keshia!
You ca go to to get the blog button and enter the contest- and trust me this bouquet will not be ugly carnations- who doesn't love fresh flowers?!

So, you've been oriented, this is the blog, you've seen the site, (you HAVE seen the site haven't you?), and you've pretty much met Bree. Well, I'm Keshia... the guru of sorts in the graphic department. Nice to meet you... I like long walks on the beach... cuddling up next to a fire with cocoa... haha no. Well yes, but I digress, this post is mainly to help us get our name out there and reward you for doing so, so here's the deal:


That my friends is our blog button and a code so you can put it on your blog, and if you do... you get a present! SO, if you post our button on your blog and write about us in a post (or copy one of ours) and then come BACK to our blog and comment on this post to tell us that you did it and where, you get your name in a draw for a mod-ern bouquet of flowers. (and yes, we can get them to you wherever you are). OK, sound good? good! so go! Go spread the word, let them know what mod is all about!

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