Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm officially starting to feel the end of summer upon me- crisper nights- I see mums everywhere in peoples yards-and I'm planning for halloween- my absolutely favorite holiday. I'll dedicate a post to my halloween love later on but anyways-Here are some things that have caught my fancy lately and I thought Id share the lovliness
I've been dying to have something to make these for- do they not look scrumptious and natural. perfect for a thanksgiving desert- It's Canadian thanksgiving in October thats why I'm thinking about it already...Am I not lucky to get two thanksgivings?

I'm kindve into the personalized jones soda bottles-I think they add a touch of personalization that I think every wedding needs. I also love the brown chairs with these bright colors- color makes such an impact-just with linens such a rich and toned loungy look
I love this bedding namely the european shams-against my new black and white damask wall I think they would be so crisp and clean- I love white linens with accents of color- that way if you get sick of it you just change the accessories- or if your a crazy lady like me you change things with the season. These remind me of Paris. Its been 3 years since we went in the fall- it was beautiful and full of life and I'm longing to go back. I officially need a vacation from twin toddlers.
And my fav.... this gorgeous bouquet. It has what are called fiddle ferns that are in curly cues and I love them! If I redid my own wedding I would love to use colors like these and my bouquet would look like this. ( then again I have like a billion things I would love to do)I love how bright, intense and exotic it looks!


  1. LOVE the boquet! Soooo cute! I love how vibrant those colours are! Man I wish I was getting married again so you could do my wedding!... let's pretend!

  2. Speaking of two thanksgivings...we need to get together because it is our turn to be in Utah this year and I think the Johnsons, Burts, and Turneys need a reunion!