Thursday, September 3, 2009

I can't sleep

{picture of my latest inspiration for a halloween haunted mansion}
courtesy... lovely
Martha Stewart

so what do I favorite thing..

I blog

So I guess I'll just unload my mind so I can maybe get some sleep. I'm doing a wedding on monday which I have been super stoked about for the last month. It's been stressful and fun and I've learned a lot about how to do things with my new company- what works -what dosn't work so well-how to balance my vendors ect... all my legal stuff -tax stuff- so I'm grateful she's being my guinea pig and has been so patient while I figure out how to do this professionally.

I've thought lots about love latley and weddings and maybe it's just cause I'm pregnant but I get super emotional watching people in love and expressing love.

Brandon brought me home the most gorgeous tropical bouquet today for our anniversary. He dosn't know I cried over it. I felt so spoiled like I just don't deserve him. I don't know if he realizes how much I love flowers. And the fact that he knows which ones I love means even more. That I like exotic funky flowers- spiky one of a kind things with texture.

I can't wait to see the ceremony and watch two people in love. I always choke up-and that's why I love weddings- they stir emotion. and are happy.

Next on my mind would be a halloween party I'm planning with a good friend. I adore Halloween- don't know why it's just always been one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up-become someone totally different- I love that you get to decorate your house- carve pumpkins- I guess just an excuse to throw a party is awesome.

Basically we're turning my house into an old haunted house- draping my furniture in sheets silhouettes in my windows-a graveyard- ect... I can't wait Martha Stewart also has a mailing list that sends you e-mails of all the cool halloween things you can do- I always buy her halloween edition magazine every year- it's full of amazing ideas- you can check it out here

Next Super Saturdays are coming- I'm excited to get to teach 3 classes this year for different wards. One on blogging one on holiday entertaining/wrapping and one on holiday urns. I'm so excited about them My brain won't shut off. I'm in hyper drive and am trying to relax- this always happens when I get excited-before we went to Paris I didn't sleep for a week.

Lastly School Started again and It's stressing me. I hate finding proctors- aka someone official to watch me take all my tests for the semester. When I have to get someone for each test- and send in all the course info and the proctors information and my info just to get approved for every test it gets annoying- especially when you times that by 10. My new testament class is hard and very in depth- but I have to take it-I have to have so many scripture related courses for my religion credit- I've taken lots that arn't scripture based like church history and family history and eternal marriage ect so after d and c and my book of mormon classes I had to decide between old and new testament- I figured the semester being around Christmas - it would give me a great opportunity to learn more about the saviour and his life. And help me remember what's important. It's very in depth and my papers have to be phenomenal to get full credit- it's a little daunting. I've never had a religion class this intense.

ok very last... I'm tired all the time!... I'm so Very ready for the diclectin phase to be over and my energy to return to normal-new baby johnson excites me- I'm ready to cuddle a newborn again- I miss it.

thats all in my random brain for tonight.


  1. Bless your heart, you have so much going on, now wonder your tired and yet can't sleep! I hope everything goes well with the wedding and your party!

  2. AS IF!! you're going to ROCK that wedding! :) As the bride-- I am SO happy to have your help!

    And I love weddings for that reason too! Watching two newlyweds in love-- it's a magical moment!

    Get some sleep, and hopefully things will be fun and less tiring soon.

  3. I love your random brain. I think we function differently. All that just makes me want to sleep - and never wake up. I suffer from a lack of anxiety. It takes a lot for me to give up my sleep. Good luck with all your upcoming events. I'm sure you'll be fabulous. I feel like coming down for your super saturdays. You're just amazing!