Thursday, September 3, 2009

Which would you like to make more?

These would both be out of fresh greens like cedar and magnolia-maybe some holly and eucalyptus would you rather make a wreath, centerpiece or an urn?

And if you were to make the urn- would you have your own planter or would you like it supplied?

Poll is in the sidebar :) Thanks this will help with which direction I want to go for super saturday!



  1. They are all so pretty Bree! I'm excited!!

  2. i want to make a square wreath! how?!

  3. I like the wreath, how creative are you! I think the wreath would be cool with some more of the berries in it but that's me... I like the bright rich color of berries.
    I have a quick favor to ask of you. I tried to put the fun fonts on my blog and I just want to make sure I did it right and that other people can see and read my blog so would you check and let me know and if you cant then let me know on facebook??? please :)

  4. I like the square wreath, I especially like the pictures tucked in it, but you would have to let the ladies know beforehand to bring some photos...or do generic ones for everybody.

  5. my vote is for the square it!!!!

  6. you have got to share with me how to make the square wreath I really want to make one!