Saturday, October 3, 2009

hes amazing

Sooo this post is to blog about 2 things
1-brandon came home from work dressed like this! This never happens- he layered his shirts all by himself!!! and he has along sleeve sweater on!-and his shoes were brown -amazing!
I told him to leave it on all night cause it looks so good on him! YOU HOT MAN! definatley picture worthy- he's def a polo golf shirt type of guy with some jeans.

2- I've been crazy sick and he's taken such good care of me- last night to try and help me sleep-Ihavn't really slept in 2 nights cause I've been coughing so hard and had achy muscles and a fever. We layed in bed i put my head on his shoulder and he read me fairy tales from off his Ipod-cheesy I know it may sound but it was one of the sweetest things he's ever done for me-a moment I'll always remember- as a sweet brandon moment. I don't think he knows how much that meant to me- and he keeps making me hot chocolate - which is about the only thing I can eat right now. To put it simply he's amazing and I'm just so in love with him.


  1. Well, first - congrats on the fashion success. Apparently our husbands can learn, eh? I've had those exact same proud moments where he dressed himself and it all matched. TOTALLY get it!

    Second - That is SO sweet....not cheesy! I had a moment with my husband the other night where he just stroked my hair. It was such a tender moment and I just loved it! I'm glad he's taking good care of you.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are in such good hands! He sounds like he absolutely dotes on you, and well- you deserve it. Especially after the week you've had!