Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I lost it today

I'm grateful for people who do little things. Acts of service mean so much to me. It was such a long night waiting for my antibiotics to start working- Basically It killed to lay down on either side because both of my ears are so tender. I attempted sleeping while sitting up. I sat in bed and just cried and cried. Almost two weeks of being in intense pain while trying to take care of my boys and combo of restless nights set in and I lost it. Enough. I'd had it with being sick. I'm allowed to cry right.
So I get up this morning 5 am ish cause I really couldn't sleep anyways and just said a prayer that I could make it through today. Have the energy to feed them- change them -keep them happy for a couple hours while the countdown to Brandon being home began. and that the boys would be good and my ears would finally stop hurting. My boys went down for a nap and I tried to sleep again- I heard my doorbell ring- tried getting downstairs but by the time I got there someone left me soup and cookies. I'm must be pregnant because I sat down and bawled. It just meant a lot. Small things people are what it's all about. Thank you whoever you were. I hope to repay the favor. You were an answer to my prayers today. And I just feel loved. Thank you.



  1. Thank heavens for earthly was me by the way... I drove up to Canada from Vegas ;) jk

  2. Freak, maybe I'm pregnant. That totally made me cry... I LOVE people who just know who needs things....and they deliver! I'm so glad that you got what you needed.

  3. I'm glad there are people looking out for you right now! I only wish that I could be there to help out. Reading this makes my heart ache for the hardship you are going through and I can only offer my prayers. But at least I can do that little bit.

  4. I KNOW that I'm not pregnant and I cried. It's amazing how prayers are answered like that. I want to be the kind of person who is in tune enough to know when others are in need of assistance like that. Props to the person who did that for you!