Sunday, October 4, 2009

warm goodness

What's more perfect on a day like today? It snowed for the first time today in Calgary. As I woke up Brandon came in and handed me a blueberry muffin and said bree look!- it snowed! He makes me laugh it's like an excited little kid. He'd already set up our I pod speakers to listen to conference via web- Since we don't get it televised here. He'd already fed the boys too-once again what an awesome help hes been to me this week.

As for the picture...
This mug has been my staple the last week-I have a hot chocolate obsession. Must've gotten it from my mom. she also loves co co. It's just so comforting and rich and warm and I love how it feels when it goes down your throat- and I love to watch the steam that comes off the top.
Good stuff I tell you Good stuff.


  1. I LOVE that mug...did you get it from Target when you were in the states? This made me want hot chocolate... so I made some...but It is about 50 degrees here so its not quite hot chocolate weather...oh well...its about as cold as it will get in vegas to go for a while! I wish it would snow here (girly, we totally are living in the opposite climates we were born to live in, you in the cold and me in the warm)

  2. We too had snow this morning and as I made breakfast, Tim made hot chocolate and it was just the thing to sooth the soul and fill the belly!

  3. That's so sweet of Brandon! ANd for next time, we do get it televised, channel 89.

  4. Ditto on above- and it actually snowed yesterday too!

  5. Love the hot chocolate. Wasn't conference just awesome?!?