Tuesday, August 3, 2010

which outfits?

For our family pics this weekend this is kinda what Im thinking for outfits
 which is your fav?
 Theyll be taken in downtown calgary so kindve an urbanish feeling

dont judge I loathe my iron.

Option 1-  We could do different polos for the boys- or layered polos- 
pattern button down underneath with khakis

Option 2 A little brighter with black and whites- the boys would wear jeans and their matching converse shoes Brandon has some too- co co and I have matching pink shoes
 I have a cardigan in basically every color imaginable so that could change also. Ditch coco's cardigan- I like this except Brandons shirt- any suggestions

Option 3 Same as option 1 but with a yellow cardigan- and the boys in jeans

soooo... you like any tips on making my boys look adorable? and cooperate for photos?



  1. I vote option 3, I love the yellow cardigan and I think jeans will be super cute with the bright polos.

  2. I like option 2. I think the black and white dress would be so cute!! And I like the boys' polos!

  3. I like option 2, and I even like Brandons shirt too.

    If Brandon had a green shirt you could put him in green and wear the yellow cardigan with the black and white dress (and borrow Keshia's yellow heels.

  4. i like the first third is a little too bright for you, unless ur hubby had something to pop as well, all four of u are bright but not him

  5. I LOVE option 3, but I agree that Brandon needs a tiny pop of colour somewhere. Cant quite put my finger on it yet though.

    What about Option 3 for everyone, but the somehting more like the shirt from Option 2 for Brandon?

  6. I like option 3 - good luck with the pictures.

  7. I think Option 3 is my favorite. I love how you have them all laid out. Super fun. Its a cute picture all by itself. ☺ Have fun with photos. (p.s. I loathe my iron too). Maybe if it's not too hot, you could do a long sleeve shirt under the boys polo. I always love how the double layer looks. But you've got way more fashion scense then I do.. so you're the best judge. Have fun!

  8. I like option 3. Also, I suggest skittles for getting the boys to cooperate. Smile, click, skittle.....It works for husbands too.

  9. I will complicate things for you....

    How about option three but...

    have Brandon in a yellow something?

    And the boys in the shirts in option two?

    Okay, I know I have zero fashion sense but these pics were fun!!!

  10. I agree with the #3, but I also agree with Melauney and Brandon needs a brighter shirt like in #2... but I like the button up more than the polo... Just to make it even more confusing!