Thursday, August 5, 2010

Creative Inspiration

I always love knowing the meaning behind things or knowing what the artist was thinking at the time they loved making the piece. I guess thats why I'm enthralled with art History and the Humanities. So I thought I'd have jewelry day and share a little bit about what I think when I make things. I love when pieces have a story. I'm also going to take a picture of my Jewelry collection and tell you a little bit about each piece and why I like it. Ive thought about doing this for a while. I would've loved to know why my grandma wore what she wore -why something was her favorite ect. See the random thoughts I think of while scrubbing my bathrooms.

This piece believe it or not was inspired by an apricot. It went to a Bride whos having a Halloween reception- COOL EH! so Anyways Keshia had me try out this new thing in Calgary called Basically you type in an amount you want to spend on fresh and local produce in a month- and they bring it in a rubbermaid container to your house once a week- or once every two weeks- I was hooked on free delivery. It felt so insanely good to me getting fresh produce. I could taste the difference in my food and felt so healthy. So when I made this piece thats what I was thinking about the freshness of the apricot. You check out spud- Im sold!- you ca even de-check the veggies and fruits you dont like or like more- that means more pomegranites and no green beans for me :)This piece was actually inspired by a swan. I was thinking about people in my life that seem to be going through some tough`things in life. I think about how I look at them and how they almost glow because of all their strength and the learning process they are going through. Reminded me of a swan-the ugly duckling who becomes the swan through much tribulation come beautiful things. This piece is going to a Mother of the Bride next week in Georgia. 
on the lines of the swan Ive kind've been into birds latley and this one reminded me of a little bird learning to fly. These have been popular flower girl headbands and props for newborn shoots. Which is funny Cause I made them for adults- you never know what someone else might think of. It really is amazing the people that convo me and are like I was thinking this and this..and to make what they saw in there head is a fun challenge sometimes- I love the creative process.

In my dreams if I coud so I think it would be a blast to be on project runway- But is it sad I love the challenges where they have to make a dress out of post it notes  or something from a hardware store more than the actual fabric challenges?
This piece was inspired by a robins nest- I love the way that speckled eggs look- 
so calming country relaxing. I actually made this piece into a garter for a girl last week.- Such a cute idea to incorporate something blueThis is another garter I made for a peacock themed wedding- but while I was making it I thought about how unfair it is that the girl peacocks dont get to have the pretty feathers- I mean they are the girls- Then I put the white rosettes on and Was like oh I Get it They are beautiful in their own clean way next to their colorful mate- opposites attract- I thought this piece was pretty neat when all was finished.
This last piece was a custom bridal order. I'm a sucker for Brides- I know its the most important day to them in the world. So To make a piece for a Bride is a huge deal to me. I want it to be exactly what they want. I love how this piece took on the Vintage feel she wanted without being to fussy . You should've seen how beautiful her dress was. She getting married in the spring and she promised shed e-mail me pictures. This piece made me think about My own wedding day and that feeling of awe you feel the entire day- almost floating. 

What Inspires you lately?



  1. I didn't know you liked project runway....that is my all time favorite. yep we really are friends!

  2. I didn't know you liked project runway....that is my all time favorite. yep we really are friends!