Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some tips from an Interior Designer!

{image courtesy of Pottery Barn}

So Domestic Divas night was a total fun night. I think everyone that came got some great info, but for everyone that couldn't come I thought I'd give a little recap of some stuff I learned from a pro interior designer..
1- don't hang your pictures too high- they should be at eye level
2- don't put your furniture against the walls- people tend to do this but it makes the room less maneuverable
3--neutral paint tones and bedding are the best and easiest to work with- then you can add color with accessories-that way if you ever get sick of them-have a party- or want to decorate for the holidays you just have to move accessories around
4- you don't have to have a matching sofa and chairs- mix up your textures and patterns
5-make sure your furniture fits your space not tooo oversized not too small
so there you go my fav things I learned.
Heres a list of brookes favorite design sites you might want to check out!
also visit her own design blog! I heart it!

For those who are interested, here are a list of some of my favorite blogs and websites. Feel free to look at them and check out some of their links as well. If you have any other great sites you think I should see, feel free to leave a comment or email me at hiretoinspire(at)

Little Green Notebook - has great tutorials for projects in your house. I have done a few, they are great!

The Lettered Cottage - great diy house makeovers

In The Fun Lane - from Edmonton. She transforms ugly to pretty.

The Inspired Room - great how tos and inspiring pictures.

Century Finds - great and inexpensive vintage items. I love their items for baby's.


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