Monday, January 18, 2010

Boys 1st haircuts

Well besides Harrison's NICU shave -
We took them to a place called Beaners that specializes in cutting kids hair-
you get sit in a car or animal-
they give you colored gel or sparkles, they have a ball pit-
basically its just awesome-
and for their 1st haircut they gave them a little memento of their hair laminated- so cute!
Anyways neither one of them seemed too thrilled to be there-
unless they were sitting with dad
and until after their hair was cut-
then it was fun to sit on animals and play with the cars-
oh well next time they'll probably love it.
Harrison looks so big now!
Greyson's was just a trim but don't they look handsome!

he really wanted that car
eating suckers after the traumatic experience

look how long his hair is wet!
not a happy camper-even when daddy holds him hes not ok until he gets 5 combs to play with
not thrilled either!
some of his combs



  1. They are so dang cute! I wish they had a place like that for Ethan because it isn't going to be a pretty sight when we take him for the first real hair cut.

  2. I love the hair cuts, especially harrison. He looks much more metro now.

  3. That first cut is always the hardest. You really do see them grow up before your eyes. They look really handsome!