Friday, January 1, 2010

funny phrases

Greyson can say:
car car,
vroom vroom,
num num,
uh oh,
ba ba (bottle)
and woof woof (the sound a dog makes)

sometime he can say:
mama (though not referring to Bree much to her chagrin),
the sound a fish makes,

and now when the stars are aligned just right (and never in front of anyone)

after watching a hockey game with his dad he learned to put a couple words together

what would he say?

must be something about cars, they're his favorite...

go Flames go

(ok so the Flames part is only understandable to me and the guy from hitchhikers guide to the universe with a babel fish but we can make it out)

It's awesome, it's too bad he's outgrown his flames shirt.
Maybe for their birthday's they'll get new shirts and front row in the bonus room to watch the Flames play. Now that Greyson is their newest fan, maybe they'll score a few goals for him.

Now if I can get Harrison saying it too then maybe they'll make it past the first round of the playoffs!

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