Friday, January 1, 2010

New Goals for the year

I've always been one of those people who write down there dreams in notebooks and doodle all over them. I find it works amazing to write them down somewhere you can look at as motivation. My mom every new year would have me and my sisters write down goals for the new year in different areas of our life. I still do it to this day. I've thought a lot about it latley and what would be good to work on this year- last years-
was to make it through two twin toddlers
Id say I conquered
they are still alive and so am I!
It was also a big goal to start the new online BYU program which I have also been doing to finish what I had left for my bachelors degreewhen I moved to Canada they wouldnt let me go to school so I spent almost 2 years waiting for my paperwork to go through before I could finish- luckily they came out with this program while I was waiting- what a blessing to graduate from the school I loved so much-and not having to worry about transferring everything I worked so hard on-my last goal last year was to do something with my love for planning events- who would've thought a business would come out of it. I'm greatful for a mother who pushed me- and told me to go for my dreams- nothings out of reach you can always accomplish what you love if you truly want it- there are no excuses- if you really want it you'll do it.
So for this year...

Spiritual-Read my scriptures- Write in my journal about what I learn
Physical-do another round of bikini boot-camp after baby girl johnson comes- that program does wonders I tell you
Mental-Get as much school done as mentally possible
Recreational-Take a sewing or photography class
Relationship-Date night with johnson a lot more- possible save up for a vacay -just the two of us for our 5th anniversary
Heres to a fresh new outlook and dreams.

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