Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 moments in the Johnson house for 2009

1. weekend in banff with brandon- our first away time from the boys was heaven and I loved the pool breakfast and relaxing golfing weekend.
2. Getting a new vehicle. We were in desperate need of something to make my life a little easier with the boys and transporting them. I vowed Id never own a van- but so far it's been such a blessing to me.
3. Getting stuck in the shower- by my 1 year old boys. Horrible then- I laugh so hard about it now. Didn't hear this story- in the archives section click on twins it's under there. around mayish.
4. Finding out we were having a baby girl. I have never been more excited.
5. Taking the boys swimming/Bear lake- that was a great vacation and the boys love the water- I enjoyed this vacation so much.
6. Becoming an aunt twice! Jett and Evia are my little sweeties.
7. Starting my own Event Company- It took a long time and planning ect- but it finally came together. It's been on the back burner for a couple months due to baby johnson but I have stuff set up for the summer which I'm really excited for.
8. Meeting and developing a friendship with now one of my best friends
9. Building our Deck- Thanks David and Dad- It turned out gorgeous! I still am in love with the sun rays and built in flower boxes. I was so excited you guys could make my paper drawing come to life.
10. Lots of firsts for our boys- watching them walk say light and car car- developing their own personalities. They've been a lot of work the past year but they've also brought me great joy-and helped me figure out what's important.


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  1. Dude! We are so twins! I have a top 9 of 09 waiting in my saved blogs just waiting for some pics to upload! so funny =} Looks like a fun year (and a fun one ahead!)