Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Girl Johnson news

So today I painted a focal wall in baby girl Johnsons room. It's hot pink and I love it. Her bedding is black and white{thanks mom it's gorgeous}- we painted the boys crib white and an end table and rocking chair. I love making my kids rooms come to life. And her room was all inspired by a tutu and my old pointe shoes- I'm doing something special with them -can't wait to share..in other news
She is breech like Harrison was- I had my 33 week appt- my OB Dr. actually advised me that it might be good to book a c section again- if she dosn't turn -so I thought about for a while and called back and said yes
So I'll book a c section next week when I go in for my other consult to sign papers. I guess I don't know any different- and I'm such a planner- it actually puts my mind at ease. I've gone back and forth on it for a while- didn't think it would be such a hard decision The Dr. wants to take her at 38 weeks which means- 5 weeks people! Holy cow that went by fast. February was far away in my mind. So I guess no Valentines baby- thats ok though- I'd hate for her Birthday to be combined from now till forever with valentines- I don't want her gipped of pretty flowers.
My house is clean and x-mas is put away- thanks to my helping family!
I love that my house is feeling fresh again. Is it sad that it's one of my biggest pet peeves to have christmas up after new years. There's a house on my street that keeps a garland around their house all year long and I just want to sneak over in the middle of the night and tear it down.- wow this is a random blog post!
Might have to go buy some hyacinth bulbs- I love them- they make your house smell like clean laundry.



  1. 5 weeks!Thats pretty awesome bree! Not too much longer at all! I planned to do an induction on the 31st but Hannah was NOT having that. she came a week early and surprised us all lol. So much for plans! I'm such a grinch I took my Christmas down the day before we left for Utah because I didn't want to clean it up after lol. Glad you had help! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

  2. Wow! I can't believe that baby is almost here! So excited for you! I understand about the Christmas thing it's a pet peeve of mine too I always take everything down the day after Christmas or as close to as possible I don't even like Christmas up for New Years. Good luck with baby girl and I really do hope that everything goes well tell her Stephanie says no NICU for you give mom a break :) been there done that.