Sunday, January 10, 2010

I had a truly blissful day

I'm so glad I found and married him. He's one in a million and I wake up every day still as in love with him as when we were dating- as cheesy as that may sound it's true. He's a wonderful person.

Example 1-He let me sleep in- he does this a lot on saturdays because he knows how stressful the boys can be for me while I'm pregnant and how much I love to sleep in sometimes and saturdays are the only day thats an option so he'll take them from 7-9- It's like heaven he'll change them get them breakfast and I don't have to worry about a thing if that wasn't enough today I hear the door open he's holding smiley Greyson in his arms and a plate with toast and jam and some hot chocolate- just for me!-wanted to wake me up and make me smile- Needless to say it made my whole month having him think of me. How selfless. His smile when he woke me up was priceless.

Example 2-We're up for about an hour and decide its time to shower so we start heading to the bathroom and Greyson starts to cry- I shrug it off and go how do you think I shower every day? He goes ohh Bree he has big tears-and proceeds to go play with him. Wow- what a guy- how selfish am I?
k and again I get out of the shower and what do I hear- Him singing ring around the rosies holding both boys hands and listening to them giggle. He's learned lots from nursery! My heart was officially melted by then. So I go join in and we sing songs for about an hour with the boys in our room- they really like london bridges and sleeping bunnies- it was such a happy moment for me and made my home feel so full of love.

Example 3- we went on a date tonight and he let me get popcorn and a cup full of ice- I'm pretty iron deficient and I can't get enough ice- and he deals with me chewing on it incessantly. In fact just laughs at my weird hormonal issues. I love that he loves to feel her. I can tell when he starts to get excited about having a new little one around- it dosn't hit him until I'm about ready to pop. But it's fun to see his eyes light up with excitement. He took the day off on Tuesday so I can go get a massage to help my neck and legs feel better. When he did that last time I was pregnant with the boys I bawled because it felt so good and I got to lay on my stomach because they have a hole in the table. I'm a stomach sleeper so the last month is hard on me because I can't sleep very well- can you tell I'm up blogging at 1:40 am.

All in all I'm just grateful for his love for me- that we're still super tight after five years- that we just get each other so well- and it just continues to get better. He makes me laugh- makes me feel so loved and I just love and adore my Johnson.



  1. Where is the "like" button on this thing? What a great guy that Brandon is :)

    I don't know how single moms survive the day in and day out without a partner...

    I was going to tell you too--I have a HUGE appreciation now for YOU Bree. I was asked to babysit for a little boy just a few weeks older than Hannah longterm like Steph does. After I went through it I decided to A) Not babysit full time as my time with Hannah is precious and I don't want to miss it as the kid screamed everytime I picked her up and B) Never have twins. I'll send them to you--super mom if it ever happens! Good luck on your last few weeks!! Love Ya