Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introducing Chloe' Rose Johnson

Where do I begin to start? You know that feeling of falling in love and how new it feels and how your heart is just full of joy. Thats how I feel this week overwhelmed with Joy and Love. She truly is my little valentines gift. I feel so loved by my family by my friends by my Father in Heaven. So extremely Blessed to be this little spirits mom. I can feel the sweetness ooze out of her. SO I guess we'll start with her name Chloe' Yes there is officially an accent mark on the end of her name because I thought it looked french and beautiful. Just like my girl. I love that I can shorten it to coco- Thats already what I've been calling her my little coco. Brandon calls her cocoroos {yes like the cereal} Her middle name Rose Brandon decided on. He decided the boys middle names and I let him decide hers- So while everyone out there thinks its just a pretty middle name there's more too it. First of all I love it because its french for pink which totally fits my girl. And since I desperately wanted a french name it made me happy he chose it. But more importantly look at these names closely...
Harrison DANE Johnson
Greyson GERE Johnson
Chloe' ROSE Johnson

anyone got it yet?

yes danger is my middle name continues

they all are now
{with a little bit of different spelling}
- and if we have another baby ever their middle name will just have to be Lee.
Oh Brandon how do you come up with this stuff?
When he first told me I died laughing.
He was so worried she wouldn't have as cool of a name as the boys!
Oh don't you fret little girl. You have a cool dad. With a great sense of Humor.

Our little valentine girl complete with gorgeous booties from great Grandma Johnson and outfit from Grandma Debbie.
She was Born at 12:31 8 pounds 6 oz 19 inches long. She was born via c section- we found out she had turned from breech to unbreech minutes before my section- we decided to continue with the c section- being we were already at the hospital why not come home with a baby! I don't mind having sections she was full term and My boys were being watched.
{not that we were too excited to meet our little girl}
The first thing I thought when they peeked her around the corner was
Oh my gosh the hair!!!! It's black- there's so much and look at those thighs!
Brandon's first thoughts were she's defiantly bigger than the boys and holy cow she's hairy- so basically our minds turned the same way. My anesthesiologist calmed my nerves about my spinal I hate needles. He was funny and talked me through it. I'm grateful for amazing Drs.
My spinal gave me some serious neck pain and made me very nauseous which made me stay in recovery for a little longer. So while I was down in recovery Brandon got to bond with our little girl. He was amazed at how good she was she didn't cry or fuss just looked at him with her beautiful eyes and he fell in love automatically. He already steals her from me to cuddle. It's hard not having our designated babies this time around we have to share!
Finally we all got to be together- I got my own room this time yay!- last time I had a screaming baby and snoring mom for 4 days- it was brutal. I remember being wheeled in and seeing her and just wanting to hold her. I only had to stay 2 days and it was more of a vacation than a stay at the hospital. I loved having ice chips at my fingertips meals brought to me- even if half of them were just liquid meals- it felt nice to be so peaceful without a care in the world except loving her. Thanks to Brooke and debbie for helping us with the boys- it was so nice to have that bonding time alone with her and Brandon. Something very special I will not forget. I loved the crackers and apple juice and all my nurses were so amazing. If I could go back to school I would consider nursing. These people made my life so much easier this week and were so nice and kind. I truly just felt such a deep overwhelming almost thick feeling of love the 2 nights I was at the hospital- Full of Peace.
Heres my girl in her coming home outfit A little french crochet dress and beret.

Our coco being weighed- we guessed sizes before and I was dead on! We all thought shed be a big girl- knowing the boys being twins were 6 and 7 pounds.

Brandon looking Mcdreamy!

She's amazing I love her so much already and she's only been with me for 3 days. I'm so excited for my dear Friend Vanessa to take her pictures. So stay tuned for some more oozing cuteness.
And a huge thanks to everyone who has shown us such love the past couple weeks. Really from the bottom of my heart thank you. There's nothing that tells me you love me more. I'm greatful for great friends and family for their selfless acts of service.


  1. She is gorgeous, Congrats! God bless her.
    You all look so beautiful in the picture, that is surely a big healthy baby. Happy Valentines day.

  2. congratulations! she's beautiful! what a pretty it!

  3. So exciting! Congrats! Rolling my eyes and chuckling at Brandon :)

  4. Congratulations, love the the name and the crochet outfit. she is just adorable!

  5. congratulations!!! she's so adorable! and we're loving the middle names!

  6. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  7. She is so BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you guys and am glad everything went well:)

  8. So what day was she born , information for genealogy was never given. I guess the 11th????
    Darling baby, cute outfit, love the name. Pick up a beautiful Chloe' on the bus, but she is blonde. Congrats!!!!!