Thursday, February 18, 2010

Journaling ideas!

I saw a post today on or so she says that I loved- You can click the link for the full scoop!
anyways I really wanted to share it with everyone. I think Journaling is so important and I want my kids to read about my life someday and truly feel like they know who I was as a mother as a woman as a kid as a wife as a creative person.
This is a list of ideas to write down for your kids- And I loved its simplicity and thought man I would've loved to know this about my grandma. So For the next couple days that's what I'm going to do. I think it would be fun to read others stories like this also- So do it with me!

*Empty your purse and write down the contents.

*Look out the window and describe in detail what you see.
*Retell your worst date in 3rd person.

*Most Embarassing moment.

*Awkward situations

*Grocery list.

*Earliest childhood memory.

*If you can remember…write about the first day of school of any grade.

*Your proud achievements.

*If you are married or have kids. Write a letter to them of how much you love them.

*Recall special moments in your life, ie: First kiss, first time you got your drivers license, weddings, birth of children, and so on.

*Write down a list of adjectives about YOU.

*she also has a jar of random words if she has writers block where she'll pull out a word and have to write about that subject- I LOVE IT

*My Heroes.

*Childhood Memories.

*Childhood Friends.

*Embarassing Moments.

*The last page she wrote was a special message to whomever will read it in the future. Cool idea eh?

*Favorite Bands.

*Favorite Restaurants.

*Favorite Smells.

*Favorite Places to Shop.

*Favorite Vacations.

*Favorite TV Shows


  1. That is such a cute idea!!! Im going to have to try it myself!

  2. Adam and I have a journal that we write letters back and forth to each other. Just short little letters and then we ask a silly question at the end like "describe your dream home" and Adam always comes up with silly answers like "It would be built under ground and the entrance would be through a pool that you would swim through" so that is a lot of fun!