Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite smells

My Favorite smells at 23 almost 24 years old.
*The smell of baby chloe when she has a bath- I use cucumber melon baby wash and she smells so fresh.

*Febreze air affects- the orange/lemon citrus kind I use this on a daily basis- when you have 3 kids in diapers it's a necessity

* Noodles- I love when we go to Johnsons and can smell noodles cooking. It reminds me of Idaho and going to Brandons Grandmas house.

* I love the way dirt smells when I'm doing my front planters in the spring

* cut grass
*Pine sol- reminds me of California adventures ride soarin over california- its my very fav ride at disneyland which is my fav place!

*The way the lake smells in Sundance every time we go to Johnson's- a clean fresh alive scent

*The scent of moxies- 1 means I'm out and 2 someone's cooking for me- both awesome!!!

*fresh from mexico baking vanilla- I love to bake

*my scentsy warmer has a scent called pomegranate- I love it its sweet and reminds me of being a kid and drinking cherry cool aid inthe summer.

*mr clean- means somebody aka debbie loves me and has cleaning in my house- something I've appreciated so much over the past 2 years.
*Sobey's Bakery in the mornings- reminds me a Paris- I can tell when they are making bread

*clean sheets

* Southland leisure center- I love the smell of chlorine.

*BBQ's- they remind me of taking walks in the summer with brandon around cranston- we probably went every other night last year. It helped the boys go to sleep.

*And last but not least when I'm doing laundry and I pull out one of Brandon's shirts that smells like swiss army- its like a gentle reminder that he loves me and that I miss him when he's at work.


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  1. Those are some good smells! I like the pinesol one! Chloe looks just like your daddy! I have yet to see a picture with her eyes open yet! She is such a cutie!