Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walmart run

Chloe had her first visit to Walmart today, we needed a few things like some food for the boys.

They also needed the entertainment of getting out.

It was a successful trip, she doesn't draw as much attention as the boys though.

The first time we took Greyson to Walmart, Harrison was still in the NICU but we still drew attention, it was more my fault though. Bree went to go print pictures and I took Greyson to the baby section (which I'd never seen before) and he started crying. I didn't know what to do to make him stop crying, I figured he was hungry so I tried finding Bree. She has a special ability to disappear right when I need her. ;) I tried calling her cell phone, still nothing. I'm standing by the checkout aisles looking around for her and I overhear two people talking "he must be babysitting that baby, I wonder where it's parents are."

Greyson survived and I learned how to keep him happy but it's amazing how a little 5lb baby can make you feel the same size.

So I guess Chloe will have to thank her older brothers for graduating me from the babysitter to dad.


  1. PICTURES!!!!! Glad you have the title Dad now. :-)

  2. haaa i still remember that day- i love you- your a great daddy

  3. cute haha and I'm sure every dad has days like that... at least people don't think you're an unwed teen aged mommy....