Monday, March 1, 2010

I think my family and Friends know my favorite flower...

Yep I'm a tulip fan! They were bunched tightly in a round bouquet for my wedding and they remind me of spring which is my favorite season. I also love the simple clean lines to their shape. Tulips also keep growing after they've been cut. Kind've means something close to my heart. My fam and best friends all got me tulip bunches when chloe' was born. And they have been so gorgeous and fresh to have in my house! I love my family! I strategically placed them in places where if it was a hard night I could look over at them and not get so frustrated with screaming kids, or hurting incision or back pain. There is really nothing that brightens my mood than fresh flowers. I love them in my house and try to get them every chance I can.
Can't wait to start gardening! And defiantly can't wait for spring time at the farmers market!


  1. k....i'm coming to the farmer's market with you. one of my most fave things to do :)