Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chloe's French Baby Shower

Chloe's baby shower was amazing! My friends and fam planned a french themed shower- since that how we picked chloe's name and its so special to Brandon and I.

this audrey hepburnish dress was a fav!

check out these amazing little vintage suitcases! Love you sarah!

Love the use of fresh fruit as a filler- so refreshing for a light baby shower-
and tulips- not that I adore them

I love this picture lots of pink- and these tights make me super happy!

I loved the custom favors they made! I love graphic design beautifulness

no words for this one- it makes me smile

miss hostess and Kat posing

Grandma and chloe' snaking in a cuddle

they took chloe's tutus and put them around the punch bowls- loved it!

French crepe stuff yumm thanks carla and thanks v for making these photos look edible mmmm!

Cupcakes by melanie- she made them out of doilies people- and the whole stand- amazing! Marissa picked out these fab napkins for me while in the states i heart you girlie!

My dear friend sarah made this wall hanging for her room that everyone signed. Brooke made a video interviewing brandon about me and chloe- it was adorable I'll post it if I figure out how.
All I have to say is I have amazing friends and family. Thanks everyone who made my day special. Who helped clean cook set up.I know what it takes to pull something off like this and I felt so much love! Especially miss hostess Keshia your kinda legendairy.
I heart your enthusiasm.



  1. That was definately the most beautiful and yummy baby shower I have ever been to. They did an amazing job..and by the way I think it wasn't as much a pose, as it was me stuffing my face with all the good yumminess:)

  2. so cute! i wish i could have been there. love your tights!

  3. Oh my! So sweet and so fitting for you Bree ;) They did a cute job. I'm so jealous I want to hold her so much!

  4. it was great...she is the cutest with all her hair.

  5. I feel like such a goober for missing it :( I was in the throws of running errands for my Mom's 50th Suprise party- I would've much rather been sitting down enjoying crepes all afternoon!!! LOL

  6. those tights really are amazing! It was so much fun ... thanks for letting me hold Chloe'