Thursday, March 11, 2010

new additions to the nursery

Finished pom pom mobile!- I just took 2 dowels spray painted them and wrapped them together with fishing line then put a screw hook in the ceiling and hung the poms- soooo easy and I love how sculpturish and artsy it looks
Check out the hot pink eiffel tower! My cousin mailed it to me from idaho! I was so excited to get a package in the mail. it totally made my whole month and everytime i see it I feel a sense of love. Also new are the cute vintage trunks for Sarah Benson- I adore these people. they look a lot better than my boys junkyard nightstand ones. Also new is the blingy frame from Marg Smith and black little eiffel tower from Dorienne Fairbanks. The frame above will have a picture of coco when I get pics back from vanessa. I'm so excited for them! I'm also looking for a dress form to put these tutus on if anyone knows where to get a black iron one please let me know!
This c Debbie and brooke found at winners in clearance for a couple bucks- I'm going to paint it hot pink and put it into the frame collage on the small opposite wall.
Another view of the pom mobile- I can't wait for the hot pink sheets to get here!