Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chloes Baby Blessing

She was blessed in my blessing dress- my grandma bought this for me so it has a very special meaning. My grandma was an amazing woman- and I can see so many similarities between her and I so it was pretty special to bless her in this dress.
This is how her hair looks after a bath super tight and curly

Getting her ready- Acacia and I laughed at this bonnet for a good 20 minutes. And decided she needed a modern accessory instead. She looked so beautiful and was so peaceful really it was such a special day. She was promised that she'll love doing family activities and she'll love to learn,choose good friends be an example and illuminate a spirit of love and happiness to people. I know she already does this.
I just ooze love for this tiny little girl.
Family came to our house after to celebrate. It was so nice to see people that mean so much to us. Also meant I got to eat Aunt Keshias spinach dip- also made my day- no seriously its that good.



  1. She is just adorable Bree. Her blessing dress is so beautiful too!

  2. I was also able to bless Hannah in my blessing dress! It was one of the most special things to be able to make that small connection with my daughter, knowing that 24 years earlier I'd been given a blessing by MY father in that very dress and thinking about that dress tucked away for 24 years just waiting for my little girl. I don't know what I'll do if I have another daughter...I'll have to buy one or have her Nana make one or something so it is special again lol...what a great day--and I want Keisha's dip recipe!

  3. so precious. i wish i could have been there!