Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Boys!

April 1st 2010-
It's amazing what two years looks like. I love that they were born on April Fools day- it fits them to a t! My little sneaky boys!
I love you Greyson for making me laugh I love you Harrison for teaching me things about myself I never knew. And even though you were born on the same day and you have to share- you are both so different in every way possible. I want you to know you are unique and loved for being you. I will forever sing you happy birthday separately not buy you the same gifts. Try and refer to you by your name individually instead of "the twins" I hope you grow up and feel that love as an individual from your mother- even though you've had to share your time with me and dad. You both have a kinship with each other that I can't explain. You get very concerned for each other and are together almost all the time. I hope you love having a twin-I always think you two loved each other so much the man couldn't bare to separate you- so you came down together.
Happy Birthday my toddlers!

April 1st 2009
I think they look so tiny here
April 1st 2008
ok technically this was 2 weeks after- harrison was in the
nicu this is when they came home together- but it's a cuter picture! they are so tiny!

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