Wednesday, March 31, 2010

where's Harrison

We went to old navy last week looking for new clothes for the boys, they keep growing!

While there Harrison didn't want to stay in the stroller there were too many things there to look at. After a few minutes I he was too heavy to hold so i let him down.

This is an interesting proposition, he could be good and stay close or he could be bad and make a break for the door. The big test!

So he ended up in the middle, he didn't try for freedom outside the store but didn't stick right by me. He started off close and tested how far he could go before I would chase after him. He was having laughing and enjoying the little bit of freedom and Bree was enjoying shopping.

Then I saw him climb up on the stand with the mannequins, such a good looking boy fit right in.
Well he would fit in if he wasn't in the girls section with the girlie clothes on the mannequins.

what a good looking boy, next time bud stay in the boys section and everyone will think you're a model hired by the store to make that shirt look good.

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