Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cute things the boys have done and said lately...

1. When we watch cars and Mac the truck is making faces in his reflection greyson copies him- he also copies lightning wen hes flying in the opening race he sticks out his tongue and wiggles it like mcqueen- Brandon and I laugh our heads off its beyond hilarious.

2. The boys waving bye bye and saying bye bye to the backyardigans at the very end when they sing the good bye song

3-Greyson putting the word big before everything he says
big juice
big cheese
big car

4- When Debbie asks all of the animal noises- she also asks Greyson what noise grandma makes to which he always does AHHHHHH- this is funny because debbie does scream lots- when she's scared excited-they've been used to her screaming since they were a week old- plus it makes debbie laugh pretty hard to know that grandmas say ahhhhhhh!

5- Harrison knowing which street pa pa lives on- he gets really mad when we don't stop fast enough and open up the van doors and gets really excited when we turn onto their street

6-Each of them calling each other ra ra- to Greyson it means Harrison to Harrison it means brother
7- Harrison dosn't want to take Brandons toque off- he loves hats- it remind Brandon of hi Brother Barrett always wearing his cubs hat when they were little

8- They love to sing the primary songs-Greyson shakes his hand on it wasn't really so but it seemed to be- they also love sleeping bunnies - once there was a snowman london bridges and ring around the rosies- they always clap for themselves after and say yay!

9- We laugh at the fact that Grandma and Grandpa have to sneak out the back doors so the boys don't know they are leaving- they are quite attached to people latley - I picked Greyson up from brookes last week and he bawled when he had to leave kept saying brookkkkeee jetttttt!!! It was super sweet to see how much he loves them.

10-Them actually sitting on a mat and watching cars- all the sudden one day they were able to sit and watch a movie all the way through- Brandon and I were like what happened! They can watch movies now?


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  1. you have SUCH sweet boys. How fun to get a double dose! (I'm sure it's not always fun to have double...but when they're got, it's gotta be great!)