Monday, June 7, 2010

what did my boys love at the zoo?

they loved feeding ducks
peeking through every hole they saw
the carousel
swings with grandma
up up and away with grandpa lets just say .....

It wasnt the animals- well maybe harrison likes the squirrels and ducks- but they loved the golf carts water fountain and anything they could climb on! and most of all their papa and neemah and aunts.
They sure got spoiled by them I dont think they've had so much attention ever!
apple dosnt fall far from the tree eh?
sooo sweet
aunt cacia and greyson
they matched and didnt even realize it! till we got to the zoo
i loveeeee this picture
my fav animal!
i love the blue in this picture
experimenting with my sisters camera- i love it! This picture totally captures harrisons sense of curiosity- I can see his mind working to figure things out.
talking to the squirrels
and they found the water

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