Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 van one mom 3 kids under 3-and a 12 hour drive

So I went on a little road trip to Utah 2 weeks ago to visit my family. Brandon had Bid week so he wasnt able to come-but I really wanted to go and may I say my fam and.... Target was totally worth the chaos. So I decided to brave it myself with 3 little munckins call me crazy but I had a definite system I made a juice/bottles snack station a changing station complete with 3 huge packs of diapers juice cups fruit snacks crackers water bottles ect an entertainment bag with Ipod radar detector dvds and cell phone/gps chargers plus all my kids passports mine and a note from brandon telling the border guards I was allowed to take them by myself. I never ever want to watch the movie UP again in my life. almost the whole way down thats what they wanted to watch. Thank heavens I have the van with dvd players it sure helped-I got pulled over in Montana right after the border for going 9 over ...I know.. I was not thrilled. The guy came to my car and saw all 3 kids in the back with co co crying I think he felt bad when I told him I still had 10 hours to go. I also couldn't find my registration- thats when I started to cry- I was so flustered and the cop took pity on my soul and wrote me a warning- the next gas station I found my registration in my flustered state I knocked it out of the glove box to the side of my car... I ran the boys around the van one hundred times and we went on for another 3 hours and repeated this process. 10 hours later we made it to Utah all alive and sane... We
were al thrilled to be out of the car- see how happy my kiddos are../ I love this picture of greyson trying to blow dandelions - we all laughed pretty hard at his face

harrison is my climber this kid is so brave
me and my boys going down the slide
my gorgeous daughter- ahh I cant be more in love with her- loook at those big blue eyes
Grandma Grandpa and aunts/uncles were excited to play with the boys and my boys were even more excited to see them- more pictures to come tomorrow


  1. Those pictures of Greyson blowing dandelions are just too cute... They totally made me laugh. And you're right, your daughter IS gorgeous... That picture is adorable!

  2. Oh, I've braved that trip so many times that my empathy is HUGE. When we lived in Utah and I had 2 kids 17 months apart (both babies) I don't know why I decided to travel so much. Sigh. Glad your trip was successful. I sure wish I had a DVD player back then.

  3. You are a BRAVE woman. Sounds like a wonderful adventure though.