Thursday, May 20, 2010

My twin terrors

They can go from this......
to this in 5 mintes
But all in all the last month they have been really good. The language skills are quickly happening and already my life is becoming so much easier. they tell me what they want now!

New words:

Greyson- no mamma mac n cheese,juice,all done,more,ra ra,papa,dog,car car,cheeese, big truck,ki ki{cookie} cheat{treat} bye bye ca ca- he waves goodbye when he goes potty. He also says no to everything.

Brandon to Greyson
Greyson do you want to go night night-NO
Greyson do you want a bath?- NO
Greyson do you want a million dollars- NO
Greyson do you want a cookie....COOKIE?

Harrison -ball,blocks,where'd it go? uh oh, all gone,ki ki baby coco?,more more,dog, night night,blanky,up{when he wants up the movie in}. WOW when the balloons in up start to rise from the house- he freaks out so cute. he also loves going over to coco and kissing her...way tooo much.
First thing when he wakes up co co whered it go?
them going night night in our bed- apparently our bed is way funner
They are starting to look big Greysons getting curly hair and Harrisons is long and going blonde for summer- and they are already tan! All I can say is that them talking is huge for me. And has been such a blessing knowing what they want- and not just having them talk to each other!



  1. They ARE getting so big! I can't wait to see them!

  2. Look how cute they are Bree!! You are quite the woman to be able to handle everything. Go girl, go! Love you!