Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet the Bachynskis

Today was our really good friends Homecoming/Farewell from their missions. Jordan just got Back from Florise and Dallin is going to Croatia. we love this family so much and had so much fun at their house today as you can tell from these pictures...
1st time on a tramp was a hit!
two brothre helping 2 other brothers dunk! Both of these guys are over 7 feet tall.
Harrison loves to smell flowers right now its so cute he'll sniff and say mmmmmm
tuckered out on the way home- notice hes never without his truck
co co in her cute dress and headband I made her-
Have I mentioned latley I love dressing her up?


  1. LOVE chloe's outfit!! so cute. you're so creative, its amazing!

  2. Such cute kids Bree! That dress is darling!

  3. love the pics... the boys are so happy on the trampoline! And my lil' Coco's beautiful as always!