Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Lilly is coming!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have Wendy from Blue Lilly coming to photograph my family next month. Ive admired her work for a long time and somehow feel this kindred bond with her- I know I'm freaky- But I love her style. So I contacted her a couple months ago begging her to come to Calgary and a couple months later she announced she would!

YAY do the happy dance of joy! No really I basically jumped up and down.

I love that she adores color as much as I do. But I have to admit I need some help my friends. I know it shouldn't be this huge of a deal- I should take into account the lesson they had on modern family about family photos being so perfect and then the all dressed in white family gets in a mud fight- I really know I should be laid back and not care so much...

But I really want these photos to look good. My kids are at an age that I really want to remember them in. And I think it will help me be motivated to exercise better.
And stay on my bikini bootcamp diet. Family photos will do that to you- great motivation.
In a perfect world Id have these amazing kids with- no whining- temper tantrums ect- well.....we'll see what happens. Harrison is quite my tantrum boy right now.
It scares me. just a tad

Anyways even though I shouldn't care that much...
I'll be honest I do...
and I need some advice... I have me and co cos outfits figured out. Im wearing an aqua dress with a crazy necklace co co is going to be in a rainbow stripe colored dress...

I have to be honest and say that I really dont know how to dress boys yet besides the polo shirt and khaki shorts- because thats basically what Brandon wears.
And I grew up in a family of all girls.

So do I layer? Put something underneath a polo- a jacket?
I really like this pink one Harrison has on- but is that mean putting him in pink?
Like will he say
10 years from now
I don't know I just like that pink looks so good on him!
I need an outside opinion-
cause I totally think like a girl.

What about pants do I put them in Dark Jeans or is that too casual to go with dresses. Do I make the boys match or go with completly different outfits. Im thinking different- but should they be the same type- and What does Brandon wear? Uggh Im not good at guy fashion sense.

So help me out-

If you were having family pictures and wanted them really bright and eclectic and modern and whimsical- what would you dress your boys in?
Any links to cute outfits would help me so much!

the boy fashion illiterate girl



  1. I love the look Michelle had when she dressd her kiddos up for family photos. I can totally see you guys in it, you have that kind of style!

  2. I saw this on someone's blog, and it could help get your brain thinking "boy fashion".

    Hope it helps!

  3. go online to kids clothing stores and look at how they dress their models. It will help alot!!! Remember that there really is nothing wrong with a polo ... you can actually do alot with it, and there is nothing wrong with a guy in pink!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!