Thursday, June 24, 2010

My workspace...

I'm getting ready for a craft show this saturday and my workspace looks like someone went through it with a tornado- and you know what it feels great- thats how I know Im really into something. Everything is strewn out so I can see my materials Its fun for me.
To have this bit of chaos.
These are my new baby clips that can go on headbands hats and be worn by
the mom if they want to. Versatility is my friend. I love the vintage feel of pheasant feathers to one single rosette. Kindve a classy look for fall.
some of my schmag ribbon trims my collection of vintage buttons
cabochons and costume jewelry
Trying to figure ot my display for the fair- I think I have headbands and clips figured out- it's necklaces Im having a hard time with because mine are so chunky and bib like.

my new duponi silk-and staple usb cord- I should seriously attach that thing to my hip. I ordered the new silk from India a month ago- AND I LOVE THIS STUFF. It is so easy and fun to work with I love how it naturally frays and has two tones of color in it. It cam in a a burlap sack and inside was wrapped in this beautiful gold bag. AHH I just love etsy!
Not that I'm a sucker for packaging!
So there's my bit of chaos- my workspace is in co cos room. Its funner to work in than my kitchen table and I can close the door so my boys don't get in. Plus I just like being in a hot pink room :)



  1. I love that I have a friend that appreciates packaging.

  2. You know Breanna, you are living a dream! I read your blog and I am so happy to see you so happy. I think back on all the fun things we did together being dairy girls, and rainbow girls and I am so happy that I knew you and you brought so much sunshine into my life. With everything you have going on being a mom, a wife, a friend, and a professional, doing what you love, I am just amazed. You are inspiring to me.