Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You know what makes me smile...80's clothes and good friends

So My BFFF MISS KESHIA TURNED 25 a couple weeks ago yes the tripple f's have special meaning not that we're nerds or anything... so I decided a great party would be to dress in 80s clothes and go rollerskating. I think the best parties are the ones where people dress up and really get into it. Where they don't care what other people think. I was a little worried some people wouldnt want to come because it was costumish- well Ill tell you what I'm so glad I have the friends I do because everyone showed up in costume. It made it so much fun.
Is she not beautiful? No really people some days I think..what would I do If I had never met Keshia? Shes a friend I know I'll have forever. Is always willing to serve and will literally give the shirt off her back to someone who needs it. Shes taught me to really have a heart full of charity. I can see the love she has for others and it inspires me. I love her beyond words and consider her one of my sisters. I love when her eyes go really big and she says WHAT? and shakes her head back and forth.
This picture says a thousand things in one. How much I love being with my friends. And how grateful I am to have them at this point in my life where I'm discovering who I am. They've helped shape me and have been examples. They probably don't know that I watch them and look up to them for so many things.
Ok lets have a chat about miss V. I admire her beyond words. I always think of her as like the cool teenager that you want to become one day when your like the pre teen. I just think this woman is full of finesse and a maturity and wisdom that is far beyond me. I love her grasp on life-her devotion to her family, her love for children, the balance to her life and the fact that you can see her happinesss and sincerity. I think she is so genuine and down to earth. If I could be like V in 5 years. I would be happy with the way I turned out.
Keshias hair kills me!

CAWLA oh carla- this lady is one ball of energy that never stops. Even if she broke her tailbone right after this picture- miss party animal! I love how much emotion and passion she has. Its apparent in everything she does and even the way she speaks. She's not afraid to have a bad day and I think thats super brave of her. She's also not afraid to have a really good day and spread it to absolutely every living organism she comes in contact with. I love her kind heart and zesty personality. She's contagious and I love being around her.
Melanie-this girl is amazing- organized punctual efficient- but what you don't see is how tender she really is. What a freakin amazing mother wife and friend she is. She'll be there for anyone in a time of need- even if the task isn't that pleasant. She's so greatful for everything and I love that I learn things from her on a daily basis. And I adore her laugh. Her eyes sparkle when she laughs really hard.

Ali- Ive only known Ali for a short time But I love the realness that she is to me- the witty humor the sense of adventure she has is so refreshing. I love doing things with her and I think she's a great friend to anyone who knows her- thats not easy to find in a lot of people. Loyal Smart and Fun. Quite the package.
Basically I just wanted to say Thank you to these ladies for uplifting me for teaching me especially in this time in my life where I'm really trying to mold myself into the person I really want to become. And as Hard as it is to still be finding myself Your helping me in my journey. I learn more about myself from being with you all. I would love to take all your qualities mix them up in a super blender and come out with this crazy cool woman. the list does not stop here there are many many women who Im just starting to get to know That I feel wonderful things about. Inspiring women who I hope to get closer to this year. Thank You Heavenly Father for friends. They give me bliss.



  1. haha, I love those picks!!! I love how people are put in your life, and they make you a better person, lift you up, and hold you there for a while until you can do it on your own. Fantastic friends, I LOVE IT!

  2. Oh Bree...you are too sweet. You seriously brought me close to tears...jeepers.

    It's hard to see yourself as others see you, especially since we are always so aware of our shortcomings. I'm flattered and honored to know that I have become someone you can look up to, ( that makes me sound so old), and the truth is that we learn from experience, oh and lots of mistakes. lol. Both you and Keshia have a unique zest for life and I love that about both of you.
    I had a BLAST at Keshia's rollerskating bash, and laughed like crazy while I was going through the images!!!!

  3. I must dido what both mel and v said. From personal experience, I know that people come into our lives when we need them most. We learn from eachother and uplift eachother. That is what friendship is all about. That is what keeps us going and helps to get us through our "shortcomings" because we all have them. I've learned, and at times am still learning to be "who I am". and hopefully people will love me for it. and maybe along the way, people might learn to do the same!!

    I love ya. And thanks for the kind words. You have become someone I count myself lucky to know and have in my life.

    Huge Hugs!!!

  4. LOVE THE POST!!!! Awwww garsh! I love you too my little doe! Mel's right, people are put in our paths and help to shape us. You'll never know how grateful I am for you! This was an awesome party that I will remember and cherish forever! Thanks so much for making me feel so loved and for being my sister!