Sunday, July 25, 2010

An outing with the kiddos

So A couple weeks ago A bunch of us went to Callaway Park. Brooke and Jett came along with debbie and a couple of Brookes friends. I was excited but nervous to go. It something I can't  do by myself- because someone has to stay with chloe and someone has to sit with my other boy on the rides so I was grateful that debbie and brooke came so we could take turns with the babies or harrison.. he wasnt a huge fan of the rides till we got him on the cool planes. It's nice to be able to do stuff with them- a lot of times I feel like my kids got jipped because they miss out on one on one time. So Brandon ad I are trying to make it more apparent that they get one on one time with us. We cant really do anything thats parented- for the same reasons as above- so Ill be excited when they can go to the unparented classes and have some fun. As much as I would have loved to do the parented ones. Sorry boys- don't worry I'll make up for that later on in your lives. So anyways back to the park-super hot day- but so nice to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Greyson LOVED driving the cars and was super cute with his cousin Jett. Taking care of him on the boats. They got ice cream from Grandma and I think it was such a fun day- and the best part they went to bed at 7 YAY! 

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