Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls Stampede Day

So I think we might have a new yearly tradition on our hands. I've always loved going to Stampede. Brandon first took me when we were dating. And I still remember seeing the grandstand show with him and how fun that night was. Anyways so this year we decided to ditch the kidlets- except miss coco- and go see all the shops and the dream home ect all the stuff the guys could care less about- and it was awesome! Sorry guys but sometimes girls just have more fun.
Me and miss co co at the Ice show
Debbie and Evelyn trying out new gadgets- I LOVE this quality about my mother in law- you know all the annoying people that want to sell you stuff - her frame of mind-Ohh shiny things that clean or cook or help our hair look better- lets make friends with them!- 
She'll try everything- which makes her beyond fun to shop with.
Heres a close up of co cos boots- are they not so beyond adorable!- Thanks Aunt Cheryl!Evelyn being brave 
Coco and Aunt Brooke just a chillin

and my all time fav picture of the day chloe'+ strobe lights= hilarious photo


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