Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So last week was picture week for our family- We had Blue Lily pictures-which went amazing- Wendy is so sweet and I had such a fun time with her and Tyler. They were so good with our kids- Greyson didn't want to leave tyler- He thought he was pretty cool. they'd throw the camera lens cap up to get their attention - we did ring around the rosies- stuff that made the kids happy- I couldn't believe how good Harrison was- It thrilled me. I'm beyond excited to see those.

Later in the week I had a fashion shoot for my etsy shop and we also had extended 
Johnson family pictures. Brandon's cousin Josh from
 PVM PHOTOGRAPHY came up from Idaho and took some of our bigger johnson family and did some etsy pictures for me. Although I've only met Josh once before I feel this creative cousin bond with him. It was super fun to brainstorm ideas and I love that he's just super fun to hang out with kindve like an older brother.

 I love that about Brandons family- the more the merrier. Friends with anyone and everyone. They are great examples to me of how to be great friends and love others unconditionally. 

So anyways that day I got a bunch of old frames and painted them colors made them into a collage and photographed my headbands and necklaces inside of them and on my models Lisa Smith and Crystal. I think they are going to be amazing- super stoked to see the edited versions. Then we had family shoots later that night when the sun was setting. We went up to crescent heights and took our black couch.  That couch always has the best memories for me.

Did a little portrait session with the skyline behind us. I love the calgary skyline- Brandons building is the one on the left not the construction one- aka the bow- bot the tall one to the right of that- the green building top floor. I had so much fun jumping on and off the couch watching my crazy boys do there 2 year old thing and I actually love that these pictures capture exactly how my family is at this point in our life. crazy chaotic yet sweet.

Trying to keep their attention for 2 minutes is hard. I love the ones of Brandon and I behind the frame. I've wanted to do a picture like this for a while now- Im kindve into frames right now. So After we took pictures we went to Peters and all got shakes- then went back to crescent heights and took some night shots and it just happened to be the chinese festival of chinatown in Calgary that night and there was a huge firework show!

Can anyone say AMAZING DAY!
I havn't had that big of a feeling of happiness in a while. It was so fun to be out and about with my family having fun. The boys are starting to get easier- they are listening-talking to me telling me what they want- and I feel like we're moving to the next stage in their life. Almost a sense of relief that we've survived 18 months to now.
So Heres a sneak peak of some of the pictures- all of the edited ones
 I will get in a couple weeks- along with our Blue lilly pictures.



  1. Bree you are so beautiful! I can't wait to see the others:)

  2. Bree these pictures are great! You look so genuinely happy. I love the one of you and Brandon kissing behind the frame...well actually I love all of them.