Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vintage Ferris Wheels,Steamboats and Drive in Theaters

so every summer Brandon and I go on little adventures we start the day not knowing where we'll end up- this started in college when we had a fun itinerary. we're big fans of discovering cool things in your own city. It's amazing what you can find to do 15 minutes from your house. So Brandon takes flex days each month and we go on an adventure-discover something. We decided to go to heritage park and check out the new car exhibit-because we knew greyson would love it. And it was a gorgeous day.
miss coco had fun playing with mommy while the boys went on the ferris wheel.
Ok time to admit something..i have this thing for ferris wheels- I love the way they look - that they remind me of my childhood. Going to liberty park with my grandparents and aunt and riding. I love the colors of carnival rides- they don't sparse on color. Heritage park is cool because all their rides were part of canada's history and used in traveling fairs in the early 30's-60's If that didn't get me to love them I don't know what can.greyson was hilarious on this carousel he'd whip the rope down and go yee haw- 
I love this picture  of my boys
Brandon really liked the shell car exhibit-  I swear he was an oil and gas guy from birthI caught this sweet picture near the end of the day- boys were tired so we went on the steamboat- we are going to miss holding both in our arms its getting closer to the point where we cant do that.I loved the color and line of these wish I could put them in my houseThey staged an old drive in at the new exhibit- and had 1950's board games to play- 
the boys loved driving this car!there were vintage bikes for kids to try- the boys also adored this part of the park. they didn't quit get pedaling but were working on that! me and lil miss coco on the train finally sitting- I like the train- boys cant run ;) the boys kept saying tooot tooot- im amazed at what they pick up!

ha love the cheesy brandon smile the boys said weeeeeee whenever 
it came down and he was laughing at them

great adventure
beautiful day
better company


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