Tuesday, August 31, 2010

rough twin day

Boys when you read this in 10 years come give me a hug -because today today you made
In the space of about 8 minutes. I get out of the shower still hear water go OH CRAP
Run downstairs ..... 
My body feels heavy 
Will I ever shower again maybe not.
Bag of Pretzals
on floor
They go to the sink
pull out the house and flood the entire living room
 water everywhere
Big nasty wet pretzals everywhere
So every blanket in my house I used probablly 20
an hour later with all the patience 
I can muster you are sitting in time out right now why I drink a fresca.
Tell me it gets easier.



  1. !! Um, yikes. Can you shower at night or before they wake up? I shower at night, blow dry my hair so it's not wet, then do my hair in the morning. I'm a night person though. Do they nap still?? I'd be tempted to 'lock' them in their room while you shower if you have to during the day. They have toys in their room, right? Do they maneuver past the child-proof door knob covers? If they haven't figured those out yet I'd keep them contained in one room, away from water. Just take all the time you need drinking your Fresca!!

  2. Bree I honestly have no idea how you do it! You deserve more than just a Fresca, so I hope you had some chocolate to go with it! Ahhhhh kids, what a fun stage in our lives...riiiiiiiiight :) You can always bring them over here to destroy stuff with Kalea, she has most recently gotten into my scrapbooking markers, you know, the ones that cost a small fortune? Yeah, not a happy mom moment- at least you're not alone in your suffering, we are all "enjoying" this stuff together!

  3. Yikes. Double the trouble for sure.

  4. You really do have 2 trouble makers on your hands! I feel for you Bree and I'm sure it does get easier eventually.