Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Bang Theory party

Our friend Denton turned thirty a couple weeks ago... he loves the big bang theory as well as all of his friends, so his wife threw him an awesome big bang party...we all dressed up as characters, transformed the rs room into penny and the boys apartment... I didn't get great pics of the apartment but got some fun shots of us and some table stuff I helped make for star wars fonts :)
warning I look horrid as a blonde! 

 we had to sign a roomate agreement for the night.....
 sheldons spot....only people that came dressed as sheldon could sit there

 the elevator :) I thought that was so clever
 leonard amy and sheldon
 This might be my new favorite picture ever! the episode with penny and amy in the painting..yep perty awesome..I laughed forever when I saw this!
 best costume of the night goes to howards mom! kim you are my hero!
 look at that bronzer! LOL
 hot beverage bar
 will wheaton!
 awww leonard and penny!
3 amy's 2 penny's 1 bernadette and howards mom!
We spent the night playing the wii, eating take out, playing board games
exactly my kind of fun!
We love you denton so happy you turned thirty!

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